The purpose of Zermatt research
Shunya Susuk

September 2000

 The purpose of this research is to consider the management policies of Zermatt from the viewpoint such as natural resource management, autonomy, finance and education.

  As well as being known for its car free resort, I have heard that Zermatt had constructed facilities such as power station, sewage disposal plant, garbage disposal plant and recycling center without any subsidy from the Swiss government. I believe that urban development and conservation of nature co-exists successfully in Zermatt as a sustainable development. I also believe that this co-existence is derived from the strong autonomous right, responsible financing, and the practical education that roots deeply in the community of Zermatt.

  In Japan, autonomy, finance and education is under the control of the central government, and this doesn't provide originality among the local governments. Due to Japan's strong concern toward economical issues rather than the environment issues, every governments in Japan has been in trouble over environmental problems as well as financial problem after the collapse Japan's “Bubble Economy”. Moreover, Japanese education is becoming isolated from the real life since it emphasizes too much on learning for the university entrance examination instead of more practical skills.

 I believe that if the management strategy of Zermatt and its sustainable development is analyzed from the viewpoint such as natural resource management, autonomy, finance and education, I would be able to utilize such analysis as the beginning of the solution to problems that the local governments in Japan are facing today.